Collection: Water Bead Sensory Bins

Water beads offer a calming and surprising sensory play experience in our water bead sensory bins.  They start out looking like colorful tiny seeds and when placed in water, they grow exponentially.  One tablespoon of dry water beads will grow to 4 cups of plumped water beads. They offer a smooth and squishy sensory experience.  Open ended play includes scooping, sorting, and imaginary play. 

Orbeez brand water beads are included in our water bead sensory bins because this US company's water beads are the strongest and longest lasting we have found.

Warning: Water beads are appropriate for ages 3 and up, or children who no longer mouth objects. Adult supervision suggested. Water beads are non-toxic but because of their ability to absorb water, they are not safe for kids or pets to eat.  

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