Sensory Phonics

Sensory Phonics provides sensory toys and sensory bins as well as educational products for parents and teachers.

Sensory Phonics

Multisensory phonics instruction helps all students, including dyslexic students, to map the sounds to letters as a foundation for all reading and writing.  Teachers across the country are gaining knowledge about the Science of Reading and best practices for teaching reading in elementary, of which phonics is one critical piece.  Check out our Sound Wall Vowel Valley Sound Sorting Kit with miniature objects to teach the multiple spelling patterns of the 18 vowel sounds in English.

Sensory Fun

Kids learn through play with our engaging sensory bins. Scoop, pour, investigate and imagine with a rainbow rice or water bead sensory bin. Create, squish, observe and interact with a kinetic sand or play dough kit.


Sensory Bins

Sensory Rice

Sensory Rice

Rainbow rice is an all natural, taste safe sensory option which is... 

Sound Wall

Have you started using a Sound Wall for phonics instruction? The Sound Wall Vowel Valley Kit brings phonics to life with a miniature object to represent each spelling pattern for all 18 vowel sounds in English. These miniature objects are key words that help students map the sound to the spelling. The Sound Wall Vowel Valley was developed by a National Board Certified teacher and Dyslexia Interventionist to support your current phonics program.

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