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Sensory Phonics

CVC Mini Objects Learning Kit

CVC Mini Objects Learning Kit

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CVC Mini Objects Learning Kit 

This CVC Mini Objects Learning Kit includes 25 mini objects to practice reading and writing CVC words.  There are 5 mini objects for each short vowel. This CVC kit is great for students who know their alphabet and letter sounds and are ready to start working with words.  Students can use this kit to blend and separate sounds in a word to read and write words. The CVC Mini Object kit includes reusable laminated cards and a dry erase marker to practice writing words and sentences.  

The CVC Mini Objects Kit Includes:

25 mini objects (5 for each short vowel)

25 picture and word cards in a clear case 

Discs to move for separating sounds

Mini dry erase marker with built in eraser

5 red short vowel cards for sound sorting

6 dry erase activity cards 

*Word List with rainbow - Practice stretching out the sounds in a word.

*Single elkonin box, alphabet for reference at the top, handwriting line at the bottom

*5 elkonin boxes for writing 5 words at a time - for single vowel practice or mixed

*Decodable sentences - 1 sentence per mini object

*High Frequency words - a, I, the, is with explanations of their spellings to teach before the sentences.

*Handwriting lines for writing the decodable sentences as dictation sentences

Clear 6x6 container with hinge and latch for storing all the supplies

This kit was created by a teacher for teachers, tutors, and parents to support students through hands-on, multi-sensory learning.

Warning: This kit is recommended for ages 3 and up. It includes small pieces which can pose a choking hazard. Supervise children while using this kit.  


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