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Sensory Phonics

ABC Alphabet Letter Sounds Sorting Kit

ABC Alphabet Letter Sounds Sorting Kit

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The ABC Alphabet Letter Sound Sorting Kit has 130 miniature objects to learn letter sounds.  Each letter has 5 adorable miniatures that are recognizable to young children. This sound sorting kit is a perfect resource to add fun to your early reading phonics program.  Differentiate for your learners by sorting two known sounds or several sounds. Add the targeted sound miniatures to a Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin and have your learner seek and find the miniatures using tongs and sort them on a paper with a T chart. This adds fine motor skills to sound sorting skills. 

ABC Alphabet Letter Sound Sorting Kit Contains:

130 miniature objects, 5 for each of the 26 letters

Short Vowel only initial sounds on Vowels for early learners

ABC Reference sheet for objects

Drawer Organizer with letter labels 

Items presorted into drawers

This ABC Alphabet Letter Sound Sorting Kit can also be used to develop language concepts such as categories, colors, descriptions, prepositions, storytelling and more. The ABC Alphabet Letter Sound Sorting Kit lets you teach through inquiry. Your learner will see the object, say the word, then say the beginning sound of the word, then match that sound to either other objects with the same beginning sound or the letter for that beginning sound. This play based learning resource can help students learn the letter sounds to have a solid foundation for learning to read.

Dimensions: H 8.77 in, W 14.23 inD 6.045 in

*This product contains small pieces that pose a choking hazard. Recommended for ages 3+

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