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Sensory Phonics

ABC Space Sensory Rice Bin

ABC Space Sensory Rice Bin

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ABC Space Sensory Rice Bin

This Space Sensory Bin includes black, dark blue and dark purple dyed rice for the perfect night sky sensory bin. This sensory bin encourages imaginative small world play with the astronaut figures and glow in the dark stars. The set of metal uppercase letters and wand magnet fosters learning through play with a space themed sensory bin.  Hide the letters in the colored rice, swirl the magnet wand in the rice to collect the letters, then match the letters on the starry sky alphabet mat. Or, use the magnet to collect one letter at a time, say the letter and it’s sound and place it with it’s match on the alphabet mat.


ABC Space Sensory Rice Bin Includes

*Colored rice to swirl (black, dark blue, dark purple)

*glow in the dark stars

*astronaut figures

*A-Z metal uppercase letters

*magnetic wand (colors vary)

*jar to collect letters or to fill and pour rice

*starry night ABC match map - uppercase on one side, lowercase on the other side, legal page size, laminated

*clear plastic bin with latching lid

 *Recommended for ages 3 and up or when the child no longer puts objects in their mouth. Parent supervision required. Contains small pieces that are a choking hazard for young children.


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