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Sensory Phonics

Sound Wall Vowel Valley Sound Sorting Kit

Sound Wall Vowel Valley Sound Sorting Kit

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The Sound Wall Vowel Valley Sound Sorting Kit is an engaging multisensory tool for teaching phonics and sound spelling patterns with miniature objects. This teacher created resource includes the 18 vowel sounds and an object for each spelling pattern for each vowel sound.  The Sound Wall Vowel Valley Sound Sorting Kit is user friendly with a compact case featuring labeled compartments and a Keyword Items List for easily referencing the miniatures.  

This kit can be used in K-5 for a variety of purposes.  Kindergarten teachers can use the objects whole group for phonemic awareness activities - choosing two vowel sounds and sorting the objects by their sounds, or choosing an object and producing rhyming words with the class. The short vowels are represented in CVC words for beginning spelling (cat, red, pig, dog, sun).  First grade and beyond can use the objects to sort open and closed syllables (open syllables are the first word for each long vowel). Teachers can use the miniatures to introduce magic e, vowel teams, variant vowels, diphthongs, r controlled vowels, and schwa. 
Sound Wall Vowel Valley Kit Includes:

  • Sound Wall Vowel Valley mini poster (8.5x14)
  • Quality miniatures that are recognizable and engaging for elementary kids
  • Compact divided case with labels
  • Vowel Sound Header Cards for sorting
  • Sound Wall Keyword Items List
  • Differentiation between the most common spelling patterns and uncommon patterns

The Sound Wall Vowel Valley Kit was created by a teacher, for teachers, tutors and parents, to support students internalizing the sound spelling patterns with the end goal of becoming fluent readers and writers.  

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