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Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

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Bring in a bright rainbow of sensory fun with the Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin by Sensory Phonics. This Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin is a unique all natural gift that provides hours of screen free hands on play. The eight colors of rice; red, pink, orange, yellow, green, light blue, navy blue, and purple and are a delight to pour in your bin and run your fingers through. Check out our wooden sensory tools for endless scooping and pouring fun.

The Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin comes in a clear plastic container just the right size to play in without constant spilling and a lid that closes for storage. The rice is all natural and taste safe with just uncooked rice, vinegar and food coloring. If it is kept dry, it will last a long time.

Sensory Bins are a favorite for ages 2 and up and are compatible with Montessori early learning. Teachers, parents, and counselors also use sensory bins for calm down time, play therapy and to support sensory needs for neurodiverse students.

My own kids love to play with rainbow rice at the kitchen table while I'm making dinner. I have also used it as a teacher to hide letters or miniature objects for sorting activities for learning letters and sounds in a multi-sensory way. See our other phonics kits for sound sorting miniatures.

The Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin is gender neutral, sustainable, and visually appealing on a playroom shelf. Wooden tools sold separately.

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