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Gingerbread Sensory Bin

Gingerbread Sensory Bin

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Enjoy the holiday smell of gingerbread in this Gingerbread Sensory Bin.  It features all natural dyed rice made from rice, vinegar and food coloring and scented with ground cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and all spice. Scoop the rice into the gingerbread man dish and use the mitten tongs to pick up the gumdrop decorations.  Use the black beads to give your gingerbread man a little face. Play with the mini wooden gingerbread men in the scented rice. 

Gingerbread Sensory Bin Includes:

*gingerbread dyed rice, scented with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and all spice

*jar with gumdrop decorations, peppermint decorations, and black pony beads

*2 decorative candy canes

*gingerbread man shaped dish

*mitten tongs


 *Recommended for ages 3 and up or when the child no longer puts objects in their mouth. Parent supervision required. Contains small pieces that are a choking hazard for young children. Some items look like candy and may be a choking hazard.

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